Mosasaurus Plush


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About the Mosasaurus: Mosasaurus was a large marine lizard that lived during the Late Cretaceous Period (70-66 million years ago) in shallow seas that covered what is now western Europe and North America. Mosasaurus was a top predator. A group of marine predators, the mosasaurs, are named after Mosasaurus.

  • Scientific Name:Mosasaurus, meaning ‘lizard of the Meuse River’ (using the Latin ‘mosa’, for Meuse.
  • Characteristics:Mosasaurus resembles monitor lizards like the famous Komodo dragon in having a large head and long jaws full of long sharp teeth, and a long flexible tail. However, unlike the Komodo dragon, it has paddles rather than legs that were adapted for swimming. Mosasaurus used its tail to propel itself through the water, and its paddles for steering. It was a large predator (more than 50 feet in length) that ate fish, turtles, ammonites, as well as plesiosaurs and other mosasaurs.

About the Plush: You don’t need a time machine to take a trip back to the early Cretaceous. The Plush Mosasaur Stuffed Animal will take you back 20 million years for an adventure in the past.

  • Size and Color:Measuring 16 inches long this stuffed mosasaur features soft, durable plush and it’s also stuffed to the max with only the highest quality materials. Those white felt teeth might make it look ferocious, but rest assured, this mosasaur plush animal is friendly. It looks like a smile to me!