Cambrian Life Tube


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About the Cambrian Time Period: The Cambrian era was 540 million years ago. In this period creatures appeared that could swim, crawl, burrow, hunt, hide and defend themselves. At this time there was still no life on land. Anomalocaris was the apex predator of the Cambrian era; its name means abnormal shrimp.

About the Cambrian Life Tube: The Cambrian Life Tube contains eight replicas all from the Cambrian Period, including: Anomalocaris, Vauxia, Naraoia, Trilobite, Ottoia, Sanctacaris, Sidneyia, Charniodiscus.

  • Size: All of the figurines are miniature in size and all of them fit in the tube that is 2.05 L x 2.05 W x 12.99 H.
  • Materials: Non-toxic and BPA free plastic